Undertaking Plumbing Repairs in Tauranga When Buying an Older Home


Many Tauranga residents buy older homes for the beautiful architecture and added charm. However, an older home comes with various challenges to consider. When a New Zealander prepares to buy an older home, they should follow these tips to prevent plumbing disasters.

Inspect Appliances

The most common mistake occurs when a buyer purchases a home with issues where water lines are connected to appliances. The purchaser should look for the following signs before making an offer.

Water leaks
Damaged connections
Weak spots on water lines
Looking for these signs can help householders avoid unnecessary repairs and gradual water damage that can affect the home’s value.

Learn the Plumbing System’s Age

The plumbing system’s age determines how often the householder can expect to make repairs, and it may signal a need for complete replacement. Older homes may still have pipes made of cast iron, which will require eventual replacement because of mineral buildup or corrosion. Aging pipes often cause low water flow, and a plumber can determine if the home’s pipes are in good condition.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

Scheduling an inspection is a critical step in plumbing maintenance in Tauranga. Although the current householder may have had an inspection, it is important for a purchaser to hire an impartial, third-party inspector. The results of an inspection by plumbers in Tauranga may uncover the need for foundation repairs, or it may point out a hidden leak. These unexpected conditions can affect the value of the home, which may leave the purchaser in a better position during negotiations.

Find the Location of Pipes

As a new householder in Tauranga, it is important to understand where plumbing pipes are located. Buyers should understand how plumbing works in an older home, and they should determine whether parts of the system have been replaced. By learning the location of the home’s piping, a plumber can find small problems before they become major.

Buying an older home can be exciting, but it can come with its share of difficulties. If a new householder has questions about plumbing repairs in Tauranga and drainlayers in Rotorua, they should call Armstrong Plumbing or visit www.armstrongplumbing.co.nz. The team can offer answers to questions about plumbing repair and replacement, and they can provide prompt, professional service.

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