Tips for Selecting the Right Water Heater


When choosing a new water heater for the home, householders should select a unit that will provide the hot water the family needs in an energy-efficient way. By considering the options and consulting a company that handles hot water heating in Rotorua, customers can find a unit of the right size and fuel source for the home.

Water Heater Types

It’s good to know all the options before purchasing a water heater. Conventional units offer hot water from a reservoir while tankless units heat water on demand. Heat pump units transfer heat instead of generating it, and indirect units use the home’s heating system to heat its water.

Things to Consider During Selection

When choosing the right model and type of heating water system in Rotorua, consider the factors below.

Fuel type, cost, and availability: The energy source used for water heating will not only influence operational costs but the unit’s overall efficiency.

Size: To provide the home with enough water in an efficient way, it’s important to choose the right size heater. A licensed installer can make recommendations on unit sizing.

Energy efficiency: To maximise cost and energy savings, it’s important to know the unit’s rating before purchase.

Costs: Before buying a new unit, it is wise to estimate the annual operational costs and compare them to other models.

Families can also take steps to reduce hot water usage and explore strategies like drain water heat recovery to cut monthly water heating expenses.

Fuel Type

Fuel type and local availability may narrow a householder’s choices considerably. Below is a brief list of options by energy source.

Electricity: Tankless and heat pump units are widely available in New Zealand. They can be used with combination space and water heating systems.

Oil: It is available in some parts of the country to fuel indirect heating units as well as those with conventional storage.

Geothermal energy: These are available to householders who already have a geothermal heat system for home cooling and heating.

Gas: Natural gas is used to fuel demand and conventional water heaters as well as combination systems.

If more than one fuel is available in the area, experts recommend you compare costs if you are building a new home or upgrading an existing unit. For help choosing the right system for your hot water heating or if you are in need of 24 hour master plumbers, you can call or visit us at Armstrong Plumbing at today.

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